Jim Wonderling




A nationally renowned artist, Jim's career spans 35 years of successes and critical acclaim.  Self-taught Jim entered the art world in 1973.  With a passion for automobiles, he channeled his talent into the highly competitive world of auto racing art.  From 1975 to 1992, Jim had over 100 shows throughout the world and was considered one of the world's foremost auto racing artist working in the medium of pastels.  Then for 16 years his interests led him away from art.  With encouragement from his fellow artists, in 2008 Jim resumed his art career in a new direction.  

Now his artistic interests include a wide range of subject matter from wildlife to human interest  Jim's latest art reflects the same celebrated artistic proficiency as in his earlier career.  The ability to transfer that same artistic caliber into wsuch a diverse range of art reflects the maturity and matery of this accomplished artist.  

The investment potential of Jim's art is obvious with the promise of pride in ownership.  Each drawing is the the culmination of over 40 years or artistic proficiency.  Jim's colored pencil drawings are often mistaken for photographs.  Amazing detail is his trademark.