Shirley Hull

1571 Obi Road
Portville, NY 14770

I see art as the 8th Wonder of the World. It has no boundaries. It comes in many shapes and forms. Although it has existed for thousands of years, it continues to amaze us, and will do so for eternity. While art may be the tapestry that weaves the world together, it is also as unique as our fingerprints, open to how the individual mind’s eye views things. Color may appear brighter to one, more vivid to another, or even perceived as an entirely different hue. People are drawn to different types of subject matter, but the beauty of art is there for everyone to enjoy.

As artists, we all strive to achieve this weaving of the world together. For many years, my efforts were kept under wraps, only shown to my children and a few close friends. In 1994, my daughter took me by the hand, and I had my first painting matted and framed. It was hung in the hallway of our home. At my son’s prompting, I entered an art contest. I did not win, but I was there; and this gave me the push I needed.

Personally, I have always loved the beauty of nature, especially flowers. That is why this main theme appears in so many of my paintings. Although the originals created by “Mother Nature” are hard to emulate, I feel compelled to share with others the joy I feel when observing her handiwork. Through my paintings I want to take you “Down the Garden Path.”

I enjoy working with watercolor and acrylic media. Watercolor is wonderfully transparent, and inspires a free range of expression. I am intrigued with the challenge of the media, and the way the paint reacts with water, salt, and the other techniques with which I experiment.

Though my artistic endeavors have been a hobby I have enjoyed outside my career as an office manager for an opthamologist, with a foray into cake decorating and stained glass, it has been the encouragement of my family and friends and other artists that has caused me to become an award-winning member of the Wellsville Art Association and the Cattaraugus County Arts Council. This has led to feature artists shows in Wellsville, Portville, Olean, Angelica, and gallery displays in Angelica.

LESSON: Share what you love to do. You will meet so many people on this journey---not only the very talented artists, but wonderful supporters who keep us inspired. We all learn from each other. I thank everyone who has shared my walk, and I am looking forward to learning, painting, and meeting new travelers.