The Fountain Arts Center has been formed for the purpose of establishing a Christian-based Arts Center that will promote cultural and performing arts. It will also serve as an outreach to the youth and community by providing services and opportunities in the arts in four ways

  1. Introducing emerging artists to the public
  2. Encouraging and assisting struggling artists
  3. Discovering hidden talents
  4. Being a place of wholesome entertainment for all ages.
Youth Outreach

The heart of the Fountain Arts Center is to reach out to the youth of the community and to provide a safe place where they can fellowship. The Fountain also seeks to help individuals find a means of self-expression, acceptance and healing through the arts. Youth will be encouraged to explore creativity and discover hidden talents and gifts, and challenged to use them in a responsible way. In addition, guidance and mentoring services will be offered for troubled individuals, and art will be used to help overcome past problems, rebuild self-esteem, and give a sense of purpose in life.

Facilities and Functions of The Fountain Arts Center include:

Banquet & Conference Rooms, Art Galleries, Classrooms, Library & Reading Room, Retail Area, Dance Studio, Sign Studio, Coffeehouse Performances, Concerts, Music Classes, Art Classes, Plays, Musicals, Dinner/Dessert Theaters, Talent Shows, Retreats, Seminars, Youth Outreach.

The Fountain Arts Center Office

48 Schuyler Street
Belmont, NY 14813
585 268-5951