Eila Shea

27 South St., Belmont, NY  14813

Growing up in a small country town, I had many opportunities to explore the great outdoors.  My love of nature grew as I played in the nearby woods and creek.  It wasn’t until I worked as a nurse in Africa, though, that I truly came to appreciate what the wonders of nature could do in restoring my soul!  The beauty of the world around me there helped balance the suffering I’d witnessed.  The warm light, the stormy skies, the massive rainbows, and bright flowers often lifted my spirit out of despair.  Seeing God’s handiwork all around me truly helped me survive.

When the inner call to paint became clear, the choice of subject was very obvious.  I’d already learned how to paint with watercolor in college, and in private lessons with amazing teachers—Marion Cooper, at the Arts Student League in New York city, and Rod Crossman, noted “nature” painter at Indiana Wesleyan University.  The medium was well-suited to painting the many moods of nature.

Henry Drummond, British orator and writer, once said, “Sometimes when uncertain of a voice from its very loudness, we catch the missing syllable in the echo.  In God and nature, we have Voice and echo.”  Through my paintings, I try to share with the viewers these echoes of nature:  the power, the peace, the beauty, and the wonder.  I hope that in some way they may find their spirit refreshed, invigorated, or rested------------whatever it is that they need.

Now that I have retired from teaching art at Houghton Academy, and work part time as a nurse in a Houghton nursing home.  I enjoy teaching watercolor workshops from time to time.  My work is exhibited in local art shows and  venues, and includes mostly watercolors, but also oil paintings, etchings, and lithographic printsl