David A. Dean

1181 White Hill Road
Bolivar, NY, 14715

Meet The Artist:

I was born a half mile from where my home is now on White Hill Road, Allentown, New York. I grew up on a dairy farm and graduated from Scio School. Except for the years that I served in the U.S. Navy, I have lived most of my life in Allegany County. I am proud to say that I am a Vietnam Veteran. I am a father to three children and a proud grand father of 10 grandchildren ranging in ages from two years to twenty-one. I am a retired utility worker.
I was injured in 1984. After several operations on my shoulders, the use of my arms was very limited. Life became extremely boring. I started to paint for something to do.

Architecture has always been a strong interest of mine. I work mainly in watercolor and acrylics, often focusing on the beautiful rural landscapes and architecture of Western New York State.

Please enjoy my art work. Thank you.

David A. Dean