Ann Parker
3506 Route 242
Machais, NY, 14101

Meet the Artist:
"With any photo captured by the camera, I believe the eye of the photographer should always be aware of that particular space in time when an unbelievable vision is waiting to be caught. Fragmented moments, an infusion of light, a passing glance or sudden movement --- all are opportunities for a photograph to be taken, made eternal and infinite by the click of a shutter and the image recorded on the lens. 

Photos are meant to invoke the imagination of the viewer. Some photos are delicate and airy; others are gritty and dark. If the viewer catches his breath, emits a sigh, or has that contemplative look on her face, the photographer has succeeded in truly capturing the essence of the subject.

In this exhibit, called “Ethereal,” I have concentrated on light and shadow, or the absence of it, patterns, shapes, and opposites; gossamer images that take the viewer into another time and place. Perhaps a hint of heaven can be found, with glances of the natural world and glimpses of angels..."

Although Ann Parker has enjoyed a career as library director at the King Memorial Library in Machias, New York, she began to seriously delve into photography several years ago. She has worked with the 35mm SLR, and the manual viewfinder camera. She has explored digital camera applications using Sony, Nikon, and Canons. In addition, Ann has worked in the dark room doing film and print processing, as well as developed skills in digital photo manipulation and printing using various contemporary programs.

Ann’s award winning photography has been included in several calendar publications, and accepted into juried shows both regionally and nationally. She has enjoyed opportunities to participate in group and solo exhibits across the country.